🚙 Roadmap

The Hoarder

The Hoarder is the protocol's real yield generator. Utilizing $USDH's collateral backing (basket of algostables), the Hoarder will farm low-risk delta-neutral strategies across DeFi to earn industry-leading returns of 10-25% APR. These returns flow back to the protocol's veHRD holders. Launching in the coming days.

Liquidity Bonding

Hoard will facilitate HRD/WETH and USDH/USDT liquidity bonding in exchange for $HRD to bootstrap protocol-owned liquidity.


Hoardchain is a massive step for the protocol to put meaningful incentive structures and rewards behind its ecosystem's tokens ($USDH and $HRD) - all to benefit holders. The network token of Hoardchain will be $HRD. The consensus model of the chain will be "Proof of Liquidity" (PoL), what we're calling PoS 2.0. The consensus token will be hUSDH (tokenized Hoarder deposit). Users will be able to hold a stable yield-bearing token (from the collateral strategies) and stake it on Hoardchain to provide consensus and earn a second source of yield. As $USDH circulation increases and is deposited into the Hoarder at a growing rate, $HRD will continue to increase in intrinsic value. Additionally, when the network token is used, a portion of it is burnt forever to enhance its long-term value. Many more details about Hoardchain will be released in the coming days and weeks.

More details coming soon regarding:

  • veHRD ✅
  • Governance forum ✅
  • Protocol partnerships/bribes
  • Expanding the collateral basket
  • The selection of delta-neutral yield strategies