👨‍🌾 Collateral Strategies (The Hoarder)

As mentioned, $USDH is backed by a basket of algorithmic stablecoins.
This collateral is used by Hoard's investment analysts across various other DeFi projects to maximize low-risk yield and return it to $USDH and $HRD stakers.
$USDH stakers earn 80% of the yield generated from collateral strategies, while veHRD holders earn the remaining 20%.
With these delta-neutral collateral strategies, executed by "The Hoarder", the protocol aims for returns of 10-25% APR.
The current Hoarder strategy will result in massive TVL growth and fee revenue for protocols incorporated into our strategies. As the protocol grows, this critical aspect means that $HRD will grow in demand from other protocols seeking an increase in TVL. We theorize this will evolve into "The Hoard Wars".
More details on The Hoarder coming soon...