👋 Introduction

The Hoard ecosystem combines a sound, decentralized stablecoin with the opportunity to earn a competitive yield through both the $USDH and $HRD tokens.
The core product of Hoard is the $USDH stablecoin, which is backed by a basket of various algorithmic stablecoins. $USDH is the most decentralized stablecoin. Its ability to leverage the decentralized benefits of algostables, while maintaining confidence in its stability through the diversified basket draws immense value to the protocol.
This value is captured in the form of collateral (backing $USDH), and is leveraged by Hoard investors across a variety of yield strategies. These strategies flow real yield to the ecosystem's token holders, bringing additional confidence and incentive to holders of both $USDH and $HRD.
Token holders will also earn compounding linearly decaying $HRD emissions to bootstrap the protocol's transition to real yield (from $USDH collateral).
Read on the learn more about the mechanics of the Hoard protocol. ⬇️